1. The Needs Analysis Report - Questionnaires about the phenomenon of bullying among students and about the causes, the practices, the effects and the steps which are necessary for coping with this problem. The questionaries have a common design. They will be used to audit and research the level of knowledge about the  bullying in different countries. The questionnaires were translated and distributed to all secondary partner schools. 


2. Desktop Research- A collection of good practices, of formal or non-formal implementation of anti-bullying methods and approaches. A minimum number of 10 good practices per country was collected and shortly described.


3. The Research Database -  The results of the students questionaries on national level were collected, categorized and evaluated in this product. The database includes both the results per country and the total and general results and conclusions for the partnership as a whole. Since eight different countries around Europe participate in this project, the research is multitudinous and the results cannot be ignored or underestimated. This database is reliable and professional, the outcome of hard and methodical work and is expected to attract the attention and interest of many people all over Europe.